Friday, 29 April 2011

Professor Thalia

Professor Thalia started last year after the previous head teacher retired. Professor Thalia worked at the ministry as head of the aurors for some time. She is also a member of the order of the Phoenix. Professor Thalia has brought many new things to the school including this site. She shall be a important headteacher in the history of hogwarts.

Friday news

Ok its that time again to tell you what is coming up very soon. We wont tell you a lot because there has got to be some suprises but our team is working on a new house system. Also we will have posts very soon as part of our project to fit into all the worlds muggle and wizard. These posts will be on cooking. For now I will leave you with a message from Professor Helmet. All students who have History of magic on Monday are asked to look at this website he will explain more during the lesson.
Here is the link

Thursday, 28 April 2011

We are back

Hi! Welcome back to the new term here at hogwarts online. Your classes are starting properly on monday which gives us today to let you know about what we have planned for this term. I have been informed that you all love muggle art and so starting today our helper Professor Angel will have her webpage set up all the time. Also there will be a constant link to this site on our webpage. All students are required to go on there once a week to complete the tasks set. This is part of our project to get you to survive in the muggle world as well as the wizard world. Due to this fact muggle history will take over from this subject. Finally I would like to welcome our new student TwilightFanfictionGirl. Visit this site again tommorow to get more news on big projects coming up such as the new use of houses. And we will have a new section every Friday introducing you to the staff. Bye for now!