Monday, 2 May 2011

Ministry of magic

The ministry of magic has had tough days in the past. The ministry has had many leaders some death eaters. I want you to study the link which was out on the website the other day and write about the ministries darkest days.


Architecture is a key skill you need to know to make it in all worlds. The key piece to all structures is foundations. The foundations are deep holes in the ground which the building sits in. This is the main support of any building, if this is missing then a building can easily be destroyed or fall over. For your homework I want you to tell me ways of making foundations with and without magic.

Common rooms

Each house at hogwarts has a common room. This common room is the base for every student. You can finish your homework or just chat. Also each common room leads on to the dormitories. This is where the students stay. I would like to show you pictures of these common rooms however you are not allowed to see other house common rooms.