Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Hello class, to start I have a letter here from Professor Adams. It reads Dear students.
I am very sorry that we had to close the school for a while but some dark wizards had manage to weaken our protective charms. We have however, fixed this problem and so we are now back online. As to the wizards who caused this to happen, they now are sitting in Azkaban.
Now that is out of the way we can go back to charms. Now without charms the world would not be what it is today. Broomsticks would be less comfortable, the candles in the great hall would not float and we would be seen by muggles. But what are charms really, other than just spells. Charms are spells that make an object act in an unusual way which is not normal for it. And this is what these lessons are about. Learning these charms. But first I want to know more about them. So for your homework I want you to write one side of parchment on what charms are.


  1. Charms are very useful incantations such as alohomora which is a charm to unlocked locked doors. And yes if you desire there are some charms that make you invisible and unable to be seen by muggles I mean don't want to be seen casting a spell by a muggle do you? And yes some charms can make broomsticks more comfortable to ride . I believe that the candles in the great hall float because of a spell or an incantation called wingardium leviosa which is a very useful charm. I am a first year gryffindor and that's my homework I hope you approve of it professor

  2. Charms
    To me charms are one of the most useful spell types out of the seven known. Charms can be some of the most powerful and game-changing spells in the world. A charm spell can change an objects property or what it does. For example, the fidelious charm can make a person disappear, or the colour changing charm that causes an object to change colors.
    An object that has a lasting spell or charm is known as bewitched. There are also a large amount of jinxes, hexes, healing spells, and curses that are considered charms.
    That is my report on charms.