Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Battle of hogwarts

The reign of he who must not be named finished with a final stand called the battle of Hogwarts where the dark lord himself died. Please research this and do a battle report for next Monday. We will go over them on the Monday and I will tell you the true manner of events. Lets see if you can get it right. 50 house points for the person to do the best battle report. You can write it it any form such as first person.

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  1. The battle between the famous Harry potter and voldemort was a battle of faith and also Harry was battling voldemort for nothing less than hogwarts and the whole entire magical community. Although the ministry has found out and believe the dark lord is back the old minster has resined. Harry is trying to the last of horocraxus in attempt to destroy voldemort and if he is successful he can kill voldemort and get rid of the evil or the part of voldemort that lives inside him and is dying and attempting to come out and control Harry but it unsuccessful because Harry knows that he is not a bad person he is a good person that bad things have Happened to and Harry successfully destroys the last horocraxus which is the snake named nagine all of course leading up to voldemorts death and a happy ending for the future of harry his friends and the future of hogwarts