Friday, 12 August 2011


I just did an activity that muggles call crabbing. It is very fun and so I urge all of the people who will study muggles in the new term to try it to understand muggles better. In other news I will be updating how the timetable will work. Finally, a couple of months back I gave a sneak peak of what is to come. Well I can now reveal that we will be starting a business class which will include the shop weasleys and weasleys wizard wheezes shop.

Onto school news the corridor coming off of the great hall now has a number of new tapestries on the walls, a lot of new pictures and it now leads onto the muggle business classroom and muggle sports classroom. Because of it's surroundings the corridor is based on muggles and so don't be surprised if the painting don't talk to you. The old passageway is still there but is now behind this tapestry.
I would just like to use this opportunity to make sure any people looking at this web page keeps looking here and any students who use this site have a great holiday. 

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  1. Very well spoken thank you I am sure we will