Saturday, 29 October 2011


Hi guys, firstly I want to welcome Annie to our community. You have done exceptional work. 7 hp to Gryffindor. Now I want to give you a 100 word essay on any potion that you choose. I will be grading them on Wednesday.


  1. Cure for Boils Potion
    The Boil Cure potion is a potion that can cure boils. This potion is a simple potion that is taught to first years. The color of this potion is blue but if not made correctly it can cause a horrid smell.
    Some ingredients are dried nettles, six snake fangs, four horned slugs, and two porcupine quills. Also remember that you need to take your cauldron off of the heat before you add the porcupine quills or else the cauldron will melt.
    Here are the instructions to make the Boil Cure Potion:
    Add 6 Snake Fangs to the mortar.
    Crush into a fine powder using the pestle.
    Add 4 measures of the crushed fangs to your cauldron.
    Heat the mixture to 250 for 10 seconds.
    Wave your wand.
    Leave to brew and return in 80 minutes.
    Add 4 horned slugs to your cauldron.
    Take the cauldron off the fire before adding the next ingredient.
    Add 2 Porcupine Quills to your cauldron.
    Stir 5 times, clockwise.
    Wave your wand to complete the potion.

    I know that I am a little bit late but I hope that you will accept my homework.

  2. Amortentia
    By Paige (Gryffindor)

    There are much grander parts than just love retained in the potion Amortentia, one of the witch and wizarding world’s most dangerous, perilous potions. Amortentia is embodied as the most powerful love potion in existence. Though, it is dangerous and unreasonable to underestimate an infatuation or genuine obsession. Despite the dangerously powerful aspects of Amortentia, it doesn't sculpt or create actual love, for it isn’t possible to imitate or actually create love. The witch or wizard under the effect of the potion only retains an obsessive infatuation with the thing that has supplied the potion.