Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The positioning of the players is key in quidditch. You need the right person in the right place. Seekers, beaters, keepers and chasers all have their part to play in these matches. This week we will be studying the most important position of the team, the captain. The captain is the person who trains the team, motivates them and places them in their positions. But what does it really mean to be a captain? What qualities does a good captain need? These are the questions I am asking you. Use the library to find famous quidditch captains. I want a paragraph with all this emailed to me by next lesson which is on Wednesday.


  1. To be a Quidditch captain you need to be confident and know all there is to know about Quidditch. You need to be able to always have a positive attitude and a straight head.
    To be a captain means to be a leader. You need keep your feelings in check and be a good friend and motivator to your fellow Quidditch players.
    That is what it means to be a Quidditch captain!

  2. To be an acclaimed and praised Quidditch captain one must have not only knowledge and intellect on the intricate sport, but also must be confident in themselves and respected among their peers on the team. This goes without saying, but one must be a confident leader and make strategies and positions that will definitely benefit the team. How can a house team win without complex and helpful positions and strategies for the game? Being a Quidditch captain, you must be able to supply your fellow players with constructive criticism in a motivating and kind way. That, apart from actually playing the game, is quite an important factor or aspect of being a Quidditch captain.

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